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We want YOU for the proud, the true, the Vash fan

Sublime "What I've Got"

This is my "Theme Song" for Vash, I think it suites him ^_^

Ai Sohite Heiwa!

Konnichi Wa! Welcome to my shrine dedicated to the one and only Humanoid Typhoon!
Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of Vash realted --...stuff, to put it plainly. Just sit back, have a doughnut or two, and try not to get drool on your keyboard.

- Kakeru

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i caught vash!

That's right, MINE to Glomp!!!>:>

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Hey everyone!
Sorry again for the delay, I will try and be a little more frequent with the updates, but I was really sick last week. And I also have only been able to update from my school's computer, in fact I'm in my Telecommunications class right now. But I need something new for this site, and that's where you (yes you!) come in. I'm taking requests right now from all of you for ideas on what could make this site better or just more fun and interactive. So E-Mail me with any requests!
Ja! ~Kakeru

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doughnuts since this page started

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